S3 mortar spraying machine matching air compressor

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Andersen S3 mortar spraying machine matching air compressor  is one of the best tools to have to paint your job faster. Besides less time spent on the job, you are also assured of a smooth and mirror-like finish on your painting surface because the paint sprayer atomizes the paint to achieve such a finish.Portable S3 mortar spraying machine matching air compressor  pumps can be used for a wide range of coating materials, including interior and exterior jobs, and can easily be transported from job site.

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Andersen S3 is suitable for large residential, commercial and industrial buildings, heavy anticorrosion engineering, fire protection engineering and various tunnel fire protection engineering, thick steel structure fire protection engineering etc.

High-quality all-copper motor. 380V 4000W high power, strong power, stable performance, according to construction needs. Adjust the spin button. Adjustable flow size – to achieve spray different effects
1.75L large capacity hopper, easy to clean, flexible, Aging-resistant. More convenient feeding and stirring, improve construction efficiency.
2.Original imported delivery pump. 200,000 square meters of service life. Support 35L/min large flow output. Reliable quality. The pump can be quickly disassembled. Easy maintenance, cleaning and transportation
3.Integrated control box. Electric motor drive. Simple to operate, high-quality air-operated switch for the gun. It can remotely control the start and stop of the machine to prevent blockage and burst pipes, and the operation is safe and convenient.
4.The structure is stable and durable. Adopt wear-resistant mute double bearing universal wheel, the rear wheel has its own brake, which is convenient for stable operation

S3 mortar spraying machine matching air compressor
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Technical Parameters

Parameter Outer box size  G.W/N.W
Name: cement plastering mortar spray machine S3 91*60*119cm 160KG
Voltage/Frequency 380V 50/60HZ 3Phase
Power 4000W
Max pressure 50Bar
Max Flow 3-35LPM
Max. vertical conveying distance 70M-(one gun)/   25M-(two guns)
Max. horizontal conveying distance 50M-(one gun)/ 20M-(two guns)
Maximum particle size 5mm
Hopper capacity 75L


1.Painting uniformly and uniformly
2.High construction efficiency
3.Good spraying effect
4.High paint efficienc
5.Low paint bounce
6.Reasonable structure design



Large residence area, Commercial, industrial buildings and tunnels, steel structures and other heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings,fire retardant coatings.
Waterproof coatings and other grouting projects.
Various tunnel fireproof coatings, the ideal choice for thick steel structure fireproof coating projects

A variety of materials can be sprayed,fire retardant paint, putty, interface agent mortar, anti-cracking mortar,thermal insulation mortar, anti-corrosion paint, Fire retardant coating, Horizon mortar, Cement-based infiltration crystallization, and Waterproof coating

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